Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Toronto Golf....

Interesting course that few actually get to play -- though it is located right across the street from Lakeview, one of the busiest golf courses in the Toronto area.
Toronto is a Harry Colt-design, though there has been a fair bit of work done over its history.
Still, after you get by the first hole, this is a solid, fascinating look back at how golf was played at the turn of the 20th century. Severe bunkering exists throughout -- and though it may seem short in places -- holes like the 9th are all-world.
Though some will pick Toronto apart looking for the bits that aren't true to Colt and will note the 18th, at 340-yards, is too short for a finisher, the course is a lot of fun to play. You're not going to lose too many balls here, unless they slip under the fall leaves and the greens, if at peak speed, can be a strong test in themselves.
The thing that gets me about Toronto is the atmosphere. The clubhouse, the club's original, is charming with its tudor finish and feel. It does give the golfer the sense that things haven't changed since the course first opened, which, it seems to me, is how it should be.


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