Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sean O'Hair -- quite a story if he finishes on top

It is well worth reading this story from a few months back, even if Sean O'Hair doesn't manage to hold onto his lead at the Byron Nelson on Sunday. O'Hair is one of those kids -- Michelle Wie with more aggressive parents -- that was considered a sure thing until it didn't happen. His dad was always on him -- pushing him too hard, too soon. The kid simply burned out and it appeared the potential was lost. Then he made it through Q-school and now he's on top of a leaderboard that includes the best in golf.
It'll be an even better story if he wins.


At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Dave Kurtz - Reading, PA said...

Mr. Thompson, I throughly agree. Yes, he didn't win the Byron, but he played a solid round. I was able to see him interviewed on a local Philadelphia station a few days ago and I found him to be a genuinely nice person. I know he had his U.S. Open qualifying round today and hope he did well.


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