Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Canada's best golf courses

A couple of notable associates along with myself have created a Top 25 Courses in Canada list for Golfclubatlas.com, the fine golf architecture site.
The list is significantly different from Score magazine's recent list -- and superior, I think. Anyway, read, debate, argue and enjoy.


At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll chat more on Sunday...looks ok to me Ontario wise as I've yet to play too much outside of the province. I do take issue with Lookout Point not being on the top 25 and I am truly puzzled by the omission of Summit altogether.
Westmount could jump at least 6 spots with some work...one of the finest pieces of parkland I've seen.
I'd love to see Hamilton restored...it would be frightening how good it would be.
Bigwin is saved from failure by a few outstanding holes.
I don't think Brantford is in the same league as Union and Cat.
The National is our Carnoustie...not necessarily loved but certainly respected as an excellent test of golf.
Can't wait to see Rosedale...many times I've driven to that neighbourhood to peer over fences and through bushes to get a glimpse.
Osprey Hoot may be at least the equal of Heathlands...I think both are excellent. I pray they don't go tits up and lose the courses there. Bob McClure, the head pro, indicated they have plans for at least 5 more courses.
Scarboro grows on me each time I see it. My favourite clubhouse in Toronto...reminds of The Great Gatsby.
Look forward to playing Essex and Roseland with Jeff this season...interested to see those Ross greens.
Only 5 Provinces represented...tisk tisk, Score wouldn't like that.
I can think of at least 10 courses not on the list in Ontario alone (Kawartha, Weston, Oshawa, Maple Downs, Osprey Hoot, Lookout Point, Taboo, Beacon Hall, Highland, London Hunt, Summit, Mississaugua, Wildfire, Grandview, Burlington, Thornhill, etc.) that are better than Glen Abbey. It's an 8 hole golf course.


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