Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Nike No.1 at the Masters?

Carlsbad Confidential, a site run by a marketing manager at TaylorMade, has posted a fascinating story about how Nike ended up with the most sets of irons in play at the Masters on the weekend.
You can go here to read the story, but the essence is that Nike paid a bunch of the old guys (i.e. Billy Casper, Tommy Aaron) $20,000 to play their irons during the tournament. Iron use by these former champions artificially raised the total use of Nike irons for the week, giving the company the most sets in play at the tournament. Nike, which is a marketing machine, will use that info, I'm sure, in some upcoming promotional pitch.
So now I know what clubs Casper used to shoot 16 on a single hole -- I wonder how that figures into the marketing pitch?


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