Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Travelgolf.com takes its shots -- this is hysterical!

The awfully weird Travelgolf.com has run a couple of strange blog posts blasting me and Jay Flemma, a music lawyer and golf writer from New York. It is awfully odd, largely because Travelgolf.com approached me a couple of months ago to run my blog off their site. Now, two unnamed bloggers, Rebel Blogger and Blogger Leaderboard (whatever that is), have taken the time to slam Going for the Green. It is actually pretty laughable. You've got to love the phrasing -- "butt-buddy." Is that really hyphenated? Is that the best they could do? Those Travelgolf people -- so creative.

Here are the highlights from these gutless attacks:

From "Blog Leaderboard": "What I cannot figure out is what an alleged reputable writer like Robert Thompson is doing by endorsing Jay Flemma. Thompson is damaging his credibility by endorsing hack bloggers who have no idea what they are doing."

"Alleged reputable writer?" I never alleged to be anything of the sort!

Better yet, and even stranger, is Rebel Blogger, apparently publisher Robert Lewis' personal forum: "After baby Jay's ego fails to get stroked sufficiently he strolls over to butt-buddy Robert Thompson of the National Post. Thompson, a golf writer who is held in high esteem by his family and public relations departments all throughout Canada, slams TravelGolf.com National Editor Tim McDonald for failing to see baby Jay's blogging is far more than just a bunch of Phlegm."

This is all very odd, since Travelgolf.com was the same organization that approached Flemma to write for them as well. Not that Travelgolf.com has much credibility with anyone, but I never intended to get into a pissing match with them. I just pointed out some strangeness about their fight with Walters Golf. I'm not sure what audience Travelgolf wants to garner with its blogs, which is one of the reasons I turned them down in the first place. Seems to me the site spends little time talking about golf and a lot of time ranting on unrelated subjects.

One has to like being attacked by anonymous blogs. At the very least, one would hope they'd have the balls to come out and use their real names, not hide behind an alias, when they attack someone else. Oh well. Love the photo guys -- keep plugging my blog and the traffic will keep coming. Nothing like a little controversy to stir the pot. And at least it keeps them from all writing about some Las Vegas golf course no one cares about.

Now back to writing about golf....


At 10:38 AM, Blogger Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

I've long avoided Travel Golf (they asked The Sand Trap to join them too), but this latest episode is simply too much.

They must have taken "no PR is bad PR" to heart. Sorry, folks, but people have memories. Everyone's a loser here: TravelGolf and anyone who wastes time reading it. :-P

At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To answer your question, technically, "butt buddy" would be two words. But expecting "Rebel Blogger" to know that would be like expecting a baby to know better than to stick a fork in a light socket. It takes maturity and experience, neither of which -- judging by the abysmal writing in that particular blog -- belong to the Rebel Blogger.

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take heart, Robert. I don't know anyone who reads that Travel Golf keystone crew more than once, or respects the hacks who write those blogs.


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